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by Kalel

08 Apr, 2020


Few days ago, I saw this meme on facebook:

Funny? well, yeah. It’s just funny because it’s true. This pandemic has transformed how companies work.

According to a 2018 survey, 70% of companies had a digital transformation in place or were working on one, but it seems most companies were not far enough along to make Covid-19 a non-issue. There a few reasons why the Coronavirus, or COVID-19 have forced companies to visit a digital transformation faster. One Forbes contributor Andrew Filev in his column “COVID-19 Is A Before and After Moment In The Digital Transformation” sees the most drastic change in four areas 1. Work-from-home 2. delivery services 3. virtual events 4. the cloud.


Many people in industries – that formerly prohibited it – are now working from home. From bankers, aerospace engineers , to almost every teacher in the world – work-life has changed for most of us. Additionally we are telecommuting to our friends, spending time with friends and family on video calls as well, in order to not completely isolate.

Delivery services

This pandemic has also opened a new way of grocery shopping. Online stores have emerged selling essential items such as fruits, vegetables, and even raw meat, with options of delivering it right into your doorstep.

Virtual events

With no one flying, and gatherings prohibited, the events industry took a big hit. But many companies have simply shifted their budgets to digital events or digital content. Only time will tell if companies will decide they prefer online events over in-person events. From an internal corporate perspective, every day I see people posting photos of their large online meetings with their coworkers, and fun stories from teams that are learning to enjoy this new way of working.

The cloud

These will never be possible without the cloud. Without it, companies would struggle to share and co-edit documents securely, access analytics and much more. Even short physical distances would present a challenge for collaboration between coworkers without the cloud. Real-time wouldn’t be as easy, streaming would be a problem, smart phones wouldn’t be smart, and rapid data a challenge – to name a few.

As a new decade start, so is the start of a new era in human civilization. funny enough, COVID-19 has really forced organizations into digital transformation. We are all hoping for this pandemic to end soon, and we are looking forward on how companies embrace this “New Normal” in their workforce.

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