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by Kate

Creative minds are scattered all around the globe. You can find them anywhere, at any field given that the creative industry has a wide array of subsector which includes advertising, animation, architecture, broadcast arts, culinary arts, cultural and heritage activities, fashion, design, film, literature, music, performing arts, publishing, and visual arts. Though working at different channels and media, they all hold some similarities in the way they approach the creative world. Here are some of the things they do that keeps them at the top of their games.

They are always learning.

They see every day as a new opportunity to learn; may it be a new culture, a new technique, or simply a new fact about their craft. They are always open to fresh and new ideas. They always seek new ways on how to improve and develop what they already know.

They create a habit and stick to it.

They spend time working on their craft and include it on their routine. Some do it a couple of hours a day, others couple of days a week, but no matter what happen on any individual day, whether they have it good or bad, they make sure to stick with their schedule.

They embrace their imperfections.

When you’re doing creative work, failure is part of the game. Creative minds view every failures as one of their ways to success. Creative work isn’t meant to be perfect, it’s meant to be real.

They don’t compare themselves and their works to others.

Since there’s no such thing as original work and everything is said to be based on inspiration and influence, they believe that comparing their work to someone else’s work would never be a fair comparison as every work is personal and unique in their own way.

They indulge in daydreaming.

Creative minds love to imagine. They indulge in daydreaming whenever it is possible, especially when their mind gets too exhausted from the day’s work.

They are intensely curious.

They are interested on how and why things work and this curiosity encourage them to search, investigate, observe, and learn. They always have this big questions in their heads that’s why they end up having the biggest answers. They don’t limit themselves to what they already know and what has already been done. They always seek for answers. They also love connecting seemingly unrelated ideas to create something new from them.

They believe in the power of collaboration.

Creative minds believe that more minds is better that one. When two or more creative minds come up with new ideas, there would undoubtedly be a great chance of having an amazing result.

They know when to say no.

Not every opportunity is the right one and you don’t have to do everything all at once at the same time. By saying no to the things that doesn’t actually sparks joy, these people have control over the things that they allow in their lives and make more time for their most important projects.

They take a break when they need it.

Burnout is real and sometimes our minds just need a little time to relax before it can actually create again.

They are always open to new ways of expressing themselves.

They don’t restrict themselves to one medium or one particular way of creating. They are always open to new ways of expressing themselves. A designer can also be a writer as a painter can also be a sculptor.

Highly creative people are never afraid of chasing dreams after dreams. Even when things get tough, they stick to what they believe and love regardless of what results they get. Following your passion can be quite exhausting and challenging at times, but to be able to reach and keep your success, you must learn how to continuously trust and stick with the process.

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