Super Graphic
by Kate

A lot of couple still thinks that pre-wedding shoot in other countries is just plain expensive and simply unnecessary, but here in the Philippines, pre-wedding shoot has a number of perks that is beneficial for both the couple and their chosen photographer as it can actually be considered a good trial photography session in preparation for their big day.

  • It helps build a connection between the couple and the photographer

During pre-wedding shoots, the photographers will have enough time to study the couple’s best angles and poses. Through this prior shoot, the couple can relax completely and move comfortably in front of the camera on their big day since they are already familiar with the photographer they are working with.

  • It gives the couple an idea on what style suits them best

With the help of pre-wedding shoot, the couple may discuss the exact type of photography that they want during their wedding day and they can give exact directions about the specific details that they want to get photographed. The photographer could also give some personal ideas to help the couple get the best out of their personal wedding souvenirs.

  • It captures natural moments

Pre-wedding shoot is intended for capturing natural moments happily shared by the couple. It can be held indoors, outdoors, on the place where they first met, on their favourite restaurant, on a city they both love visiting, or on a place that they just once dreamed of going. Through this, the couple can get a good and intimate picture together without the hassles of having a lot of people around.

  • It is the best story teller

Pre-wedding photos are something that the couple could use on their wedding invitations or on their wedding favours. They could also share it as a slideshow to their guests during the reception proper and have it printed on an album for them to keep and treasure althroughout their marriage years.

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