A huge number of remote works have popped out over the internet. Whether it’s a copywriting job, programming job, design job, and even data entry job. Because of these, the number of freelancers grew more than ever. According to an article published by McKinsey Institute in 2016, titled “Independent Work: Choice, necessity, and the gig economy”, 20-30 percent of the working age population in the U.S. and the E.U. engage in independent work.

So in today’s age of selfies and self celebritification, it is vital for every professionals to separate themselves from the hobbyists. One way of doing this is through self branding. I will highlight 5 reasons why you should consider branding yourself.

  1. It helps you stand out. One of the greatest advantage of having a strong personal branding is that it separates you from other practitioners in your industry. In that case, clients can easily differentiate you from other freelancers.
  2. It makes yourself known. Having a personal branding adds identity to you as a freelancer. It will represent you as a person, your ideas, values, and your opinions. It will visibly express your personality which will be helpful in your marketing.
  3. It attracts clients. One of the advantages of freelancers is that they are a one-man band. Clients wants to deal with a living person, not with a faceless company. Branding yourself instantly makes you an expert in your industry.
  4. It makes you credible. Like what is mentioned in number 3, branding yourself makes you appear an expert in your field. It builds credibility for you as a freelancer. Just be sure to live with it and prove that you really are credible. Few ways to do this is by sharing your ideas online and offline or by doing tutorials.
  5. It goes with you no matter where you work, live, or play. This must be the greatest reason why you should consider a personal branding. It’s an investment in yourself which will greatly help you in your career as a freelancer whatever industry you’re in.

There are a lot more reasons why personal branding is important for every professional and it is just one of the many ways to improve one’s career. After all, success comes from hard work.

This is what I think about personal branding. Have something to add? Comment your thoughts below!

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