Super Graphic
Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.
We capture your life’s most precious moments. Through our lenses, your memories are immortalized. Live through it as if it was just yesterday.
Who we are
We immortalize life’s most precious moments.
Image Optima, a photography studio with over 20 years of experience capturing life events have partnered with Super Graphic and created the Super Graphic Image Optima x Super Graphic Films tandem. Our experience have enabled us to capture not only life events such as birthdays and weddings, but also corporate events like anniversary, and other company parties.
Our art does not only focus on fancy editing or B-Rolls. Instead, we put value to story telling. For Super Graphic, this means we control the quality and concept from beginning to end, guaranteeing the conceptual integrity and production quality. For our clients, this means a seamless and cost-efficient production process, with a nimble team of creative and technical experts that conceptualize, produce, shoot, animate, edit and upload the final production across your channels.
Our Packages
Let’s capture memories