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by Kate

Creativity is something most of us strive for, often times not knowing what “it” really is. Most of the times we fall for the myth that it only belongs to special people; the talented, the skilled, the gifted. The truth is creativity doesn’t only belong to special people. Everyone has a creative soul within. It’s just that not everyone gets to figure out how to unleash that hidden spirit and how to actually make the most out of it.  By understanding what it really is and what it’s not, we can identify all the misconceptions about it that keeps on preventing us on fully understanding what it really means.­

The word “creativity” refers to the process of manifesting imaginative ideas into reality. It is one’s ability to perceive the world in many different ways by translating our personal feelings and emotions, knowledge, and experiences into some form of language. But experts say that it can never be precisely defined or measured as it varies from one person to another.

Creativity is a process.

It is not a phenomenon, but a process. It doesn’t just occur at a specific time on a specific person, it is a process where one should take action in order to achieve a particular end. No one becomes a successful creative by just sitting around, waiting for a certain spirit to come and bring out the creativity in them. They spend time working on it because only by actually going through the volume of work that one could develop the skills needed to produce something excellent.

Anyone can be creative, it doesn’t require a degree.

It is not a specialization and being creative doesn’t mean that you got to have a degree and be a graduate of a prestigious school. Creativity is another world, and anyone could be a part of it. Although schools could be of great help, it could never define who and what you are as a creative individual. It might be a great learning environment where ones creativity could flourish, but a simple room with enough lighting where you feel most comfortable with could also be one too. As long as you keep on working on your craft with love and devotion, creating something that at least a number of people could relate to, could already be considered as being creative.

Creativity comes naturally.

It cannot be taught, but it can be developed. Teaching means giving a set of rules and instructions to follow to be able to meet a specific standard. There could only be some guides, but creativity doesn’t have to be controlled or even forced.

Creative thinking doesn’t only relate to arts.

It is not just about artistic expressions, it could also be another way of thinking. Whenever someone comes up with a new technique or strategy or finds a solution to a specific problem, that person could still be called as creative or a creative thinker.

Creative ideas doesn’t just come out of nowhere.

It doesn’t just appear as a flash of light. Creativity is a result of prior thinking and continuous connections of ideas that usually happens after many cycles of reading, writing, exploring, imagining, learning, creating, and reflecting.

Being creative is not a trait.

It is not an inherited trait that one gets from their ancestors. It is not based on someone’s genes. Because people who work the hardest in their crafts are most likely to be the ones to create a masterpiece.

Some says that as long as you are curious, you can be creative. You just have to give yourself a permission to follow that curiosity no matter where it takes you. It doesn’t really matter if the outcome is perfect, if it moves people, uplift spirits, change someone’s perspective, profitable, or marketable, just start doing what you want to do and creativity will follow.

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