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by Kalel

Most of the cities around the world are imposing a total lockdown to prevent the spread of Coronavirus aka COVID-19. With fast food restaurants being closed, Burger King France with agency Buzzman offers those in lockdown a chance to recreate the magic of the Whopper at home.

Advertising during a crisis can be seen as insensitive, yet Burger King France gave it a go, and together with Buzzman, they launched the campaign “Le Whopper de la Quarantaine”, aka the Quarantine Whopper. The campaign was tweeted by Burger King France’s official channel and received a wave of support and recreations with nearly 4,000 retweets and over 17,000 likes at the time of writing. As part of the campaign, Buzzman has also created similar iterations for its Le Steakhouse, Le Big Fish, and Le Big King burgers.

While it doesn’t reveal how to cook and put all of these ingredients together, the image-focused ad is a nod of solidarity to the country, which has been under lockdown since March 17.  

As Burger King, and other restaurants, remained closed for the foreseeable future, the ad is a great way to inject a little bit of good vibes in hard times like we are having now.

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