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by Kalel

Working freelance may sound like a dream career — Working from the comfort of your home, wearing pj’s in your home-office, unlimited drinks and snacks. The best part? You ought to skip the hassles of rush hours and the dreadful traffic. And hey, you also have the luxury of working in your self-set schedule. In short, you’re your own boss, and you set your own rules.

How perfect it may sound, freelancing is not easy. It never was. Before you drop that 9-5, consider the following:

Are you ready to give up the security of a monthly paycheck?

Going freelance means letting go of the security of a monthly salary. This also means that you have to work your ass off to make ends meet. Having a monthly target in your mind based on your expenses helps you get a vision on how much work you needed to take. Freelancing isn’t the quickest road to riches, but if you’re a hardworking person, it might just be.

Can you find enough work?

There’s plenty of freelance work out there these days, especially since many companies are turning to freelancers to save budget. But finding a gig is a whole different matter. How much time can you afford to spend on checking job boards? Assuming you’re planning to freelance for more than just a few projects, you’ll want to put some marketing in place — a website with your portfolio and that sort of thing — but even basic marketing and job hunting can take up a lot of time.

Can you wait for your money?

Some clients, if not all, do not pay their freelancers upon completion of a project. Instead, you’ll have to wait for a certain period of time before you get your money. you’ll be looking at payment within a month of an arbitrary date (assuming you aren’t working with a big company that requires 60 or 90 days to pay invoices). That arbitrary date can be from the point of invoicing to the point of publication, depending on who you’re working with. Freelancing isn’t really the ideal option if you need the money by this weekend.

Are you willing to give up your free time?

If you are freelancing after work, you may find yourself spending all of your free time to your new projects. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t bad at all but it can lead to burnout unless you are very careful about your time management. After all, at least a little social interaction is necessary to keep most people happy.

Are you flexible?

Last minute changes? Midnight client calls? Weekend meetings and working weekends? Yes, these do exist. If you decided to go freelance, you’re 100% committed. This means you are accepting the things mentioned above with open arms. Freelancing requires a lot of flexibility, especially when you’re just starting out and still working on building a name for yourself.

Freelancing isn’t bad. It’s also not easy. But as long as you know your hustle and you’re motivated, you will succeed.

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